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Main page users see after login. This page includes short lists of issues, including issues assigned to the current logged in user, and issues opened by the current user. The main page also displays group and system announcements which expire from main view after one week.
Summary of the user's groups, including number of open issues, number of new issues, and when the last event was posted to the group.
Listing of a groups issues. The columns that are displayed and the sort order is definable by each user through their preferences.
The main issue view. This is where updates to issues and general issue manipulation takes place including adding files to the issue, escalation, issue subscription, etc.
History of announcements for each group the user belongs to along with the history of system announcements. Each announcement can still be view through this page after they expire from the main page.
Main administration panel. All administration actions are access through the administration panel including user and group management.
Listing of users currently in the system. The list can be sorted, and filtered depending on username, and can also be searched by username, first name, last name, and email address.
Group administration panel. All modification of groups including user permissions, notificaiton lists, statuses, categoryes, and products is done through this panel.